What you need to know about environmental permits / management and how Madexa ERS can help in this and in the consent / application process

Madexa ERS can assist in the Environmental Permits Consent / Environmental Permits Application Process
Madexa ERS can assist in the Environmental Permit Consent / Application Process

Many industrial operations will require environmental permits

Environmental Permits are governed by the Environmental Permitting Regulations. Sites with a permit are regulated by the Environment Agency (or the Local Authority for some activities). Various operations fall within the scope of the regulations and, subject to hitting threshold levels then environmental permits may be required to operate as an “installation”.


Environmental Permits will be required for many industrial operations (e.g. production of metals, food and drink production, energy industries) and waste activities.

If you are undertaking a waste activity then, environmental permits will either be for a “waste operation” or potentially an “installation” though there are a few exemptions in place and some low risk waste positions.

You may also have a need for other consents including: Water Abstraction Licence (if you are taking water from a surface or ground source for use in processing); Water Discharge Licence (if you are returning anything other than clean uncontaminated water back to a surface or ground source) and / or Trade Effluent Consent (if you are discharging anything other than clean uncontaminated water to sewer).


We can manage the entire environmental permits / consent application process for you…

This includes new applications, variations to existing environmental permits, transfer of permits and surrender applications. We can also support you with the development of process, procedures and systems that will be required under your permit. View Environmental Management services

Once you have your permit we can also manage ongoing compliance with the various conditions – e.g. required reporting, monitoring, etc along with maintenance and ongoing management of your environmental management system.