Environmental Risk Assessments

Environmental Risk Assessments help you plan, prioritise and address identified issues

There is a lot of environmental legislation in place today and themes of environmental protection and sustainability are now key factors in business and industry. In order that you can meet your legal requirements you need to understand what your risks are. Once you understand your risk, you can prioritise and plan to address identified issues through thorough environmental risk assessments conducted by Madexa ERS.

Thorough undertaking of Environmental Risk Assessments by Madexa ERS in order to meet the legal requirements in environmental legislation. Contact Madexa ERS

Our assessments are provided at various levels with risk scores so that you can prioritise appropriate actions

Each of these four elements listed include a review of location in order to identify likely environment receptors.


To identify and advise where you may be falling short of legal requirements; to assess operations against forthcoming requirements in order that you are prepared.


A review of operations and infrastructure to identify aspects that might have an impact of the environment.


To identify parts of your processes / procedures that may be giving rise to risk – this may be as part of root cause analysis.

Environmental Due Diligence

Site inspections; environmental management reviews; assessment of environmental liabilities; risk appraisal.

Environmental Risk Assessments infographic

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