Pollution Control Systems

We’re specialists in air pollution control systems and effluent treatment systems

Madexa ERS are experts in the design, build and installation of systems to control pollution for those clients undertaking any industrial process to ensure you comply with legislation.

If you are undertaking an industrial process you may need to install pollution control systems technology to ensure you comply with legislation. If you have a permit for your process you may even be required to implement the “Best Available Techniques (BAT)”. Examples of sources of air pollution include off-gas from oil treatment operations, metal production processes, burning of fuels. Examples of sources of effluent include: wash waters from processing operations; residual liquids from food / drink manufacture. Contact Madexa ERS

Are you embarking on a new development where controlling pollution may be a requirement?

Then contact Madexa ERS. It will be necessary for you to integrate and accommodate any pollution controls and effluent treatment with all the other elements of a new build / fit out. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Initial Review and options appraisal including: Process Monitoring, Sampling and Analysis.

Impact assessment and dispersion modelling with conceptual design of control systems.

HAZID & HAZOP studies. Hazard and Operability / Hazard Identification to identify & alert jobsite hazards.

Detailed design & operational instructions.

Install and commissioning of pollution control systems.

Civil Design and engineering with Full project management and co-ordination.

Pollution Control Systems infographic

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