Environmental Management

Improving organisations with effective Environmental Management services to help minimise and eliminate risk

Environmental management provides a way of working to ensure that environmental risk is minimised / eliminated and therefore drives improvement in your organisation. A thorough review of environmental risk is integral to our Environmental Management services and is the starting point in developing effective environmental practice.

So what are our management services and what do Madexa ERS offer to improve organisations

Environmental Managerial Services offered by Madexa ERS are as follows:

Environmental Risk Assessment

In order that you can meet your legal requirements you need to understand what your risks are. Once you understand your risk, you can prioritise and plan to address identified issues.

Our assessments are provided at various levels with risk scored so that you can prioritise appropriate actions.

Legal: To identify and advise where you may be falling short of legal requirements; to assess operations against forthcoming requirements in order that you are prepared.

Operational: A review of operations and infrastructure to identify aspects that might have an impact of the environment.

Procedural: To identify parts of your processes / procedures that may be giving rise to risk – this may be as part of root cause analysis.

System Development

Development of an overall Environmental Management System encompassing procedures, processes and instructions to maintain and drive improvement.

Once we know your risks and establish your overall objectives and targets we can work with you to develop high level plans to achieve your ambitions and get into the nitty-gritty of it all through the development of systems of works, procedures, processes and instructions.

Once all this is in place we can deliver full audit programmes to ensure your systems are being adequately maintained and work with you to drive continual improvement.

Retained Consultant

Our Retained Consultant Service has one objective: to help you maintain compliance with your environmental obligations.

This is an ongoing, service where clients benefit from our range of expertise and services on a retained basis.

Your retained consultant will become part of your team assisting with all aspects of environmental management including systems development and implementation, permit / consent applications, regulatory compliance management, and risk assessment.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 helps businesses of all sizes across all sectors make their day to day operations more sustainable.

It is a family of standards related to environmental management that exists to help organizations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment; comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements; and continually improve in the above.

Here are the six core elements of an EMS, according to the ISO 14001 standard: Environmental policy:

1. Environmental policy. Clearly outline the environmental policy. 2. Planning. 3. Implementation. 4. Study & correct. 5. Management review. 6. Continuous improvement.

Environmental Management infographic

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