Auditing & Compliance

One-off or ongoing Auditing and Compliance Services courtesy of Madexa ERS

Our Environmental Auditing / Compliance services are exactly what they sound like, with a keen focus on environmental risk. Our environmental auditing services can be provided as a standalone one-off solution (part of systems development) or as ongoing environmental management of your company. It is also a component part our Environmental Risk Assessment service and follows a similar overall environmental approach as outlined below.

Environmental Audits and Compliance covers Legal, Operational, Procedural and Systems / Gap Analysis services

Encompassing this is the Project Review which assesses how a project has been delivered against corporate & regulatory requirements as well as industry standards to understand the reasons for the relative success / failure of a project.


To identify and advise where you stand in terms of environmental legal compliance.


An audit of operations against established processes, procedures, industry standards, legal requirements, etc.


To assess compliance with established procedures, identify deviations from procedures, and to assess if there are problems with procedures themselves.

Gap Analysis

To review how your management system complies with standard requirements (e.g. ISO 14001)

Auditing and Compliance infographic

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