Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Assessments for the protection of your workforce

Various health and safety regulations mean you must ensure your employees are not put at risk from various factors that may damage their health. This includes noise at work (with requirements detailed under the Noise at Work Regulations) and exposure to various substances covered by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH). Our Occupational Health assessments and monitoring service will enable you to identify risk and control exposure to comply with Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs).

Regular employee assessments helps to establish areas of concern. For example: Noise and risk to hearing, Dust exposure, Bio-aerosols and Respiratory risks Contact Madexa ERS

Personal dose, environmental and background risk assessments undertaken, with laboratory analysis & detailed reports

This will identify where you are at risk and what steps you need to take to comply with requirements. Implementation of full health surveillance programs are also available.


An Occupational Health Assessment is a medical examination performed by an Occupational Health Physician.

The main aim is to advise on employee health, making recommendations on what could be done to ensure a safer / healthier working environment.


As well as controlling exposure to substances hazardous to health, you need to be aware that legal limits have been set on the amounts of many of the substances that can be present in workplace air.

These are known as workplace exposure limits (WELs).


Noise at Work Regulations

The aim of the Noise Regulations is to ensure that workers’ hearing is protected from excessive noise at their place of work, which could cause them to lose their hearing and/or to suffer from tinnitus (permanent ringing in the ears).


Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. The law that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health.

You can prevent or reduce workers hazard exposure by discovering what the risks are and deciding how to prevent them.

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