ASK-Madexa Partnership site visits with PhD Student

Madexa site_visit

The ASK-Madexa Partnership was delighted to arrange several site visits for PhD student Madhumitha Rajendran of the University of Sheffield over the Easter period. Madhu is completing her PhD in Mechanical Engineering examining treatment of exhaust gas from combustion of low-carbon fuel in engines. With a background in environmental and chemical engineering Madhu is keen to develop her experience in industry and, perhaps, move forward with a career in the environmental field.

Andrew Piearcey (ASK Piearcey Ltd) and Gareth Cunliffe (Madexa ERS) were only too pleased to arrange visits to an Energy from Waste (EfW) plant in Cheshire and an Oil Recovery facility in Blackburn. During both visits, a tour of the facility was arranged and examination and investigation of pollution control systems made. Madhu even took part in some “live” consultancy during a meeting at the Cheshire Plant.

Madexa site visit 2Madhu said: “My thanks go to Gareth and Andrew for arranging these visits and many thanks to the staff at both sites for their kind hospitality. Experience in industry is vital and I would urge all students to put themselves out there and broaden their employment opportunities.”

Gareth said: “Madhu’s background and positive attitude really stood out for us – she already has a wealth of academic and industrial experience and we were only too happy to arrange some visits. We are hoping to provide some more work experience in a consultancy role – to fit around her thesis of course!”

Andrew said: “It is absolutely vital that we do all we can to encourage students in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) arena to further their development. STEM is suffering across the UK but is absolutely fundamental to our society and so kudos to Madhu for looking for every opportunity.”