Retained Environmental Consultant

Auditing & Compliance covering the aspects of Legal, Operational, Procedural and Systems

Our Retained Environmental Consultant Service has a longer term objective: to help you maintain compliance with your environmental obligations.

This is an ongoing service that will involve many of our skills including systems development and implementation, permit / consent applications, regulatory compliance management, and risk assessment.

We can provide you with retained services and your retained consultant will become part of your team assisting with all aspects of environmental management. To be effective in this role we will need to:

  • understand your operations and processes;
  • understand the risks to the environment and how those risks need to be managed;
  • identify applicable law and relevant guidance;
  • become familiar with your management systems and management structure;
  • have the authority to make appropriate interventions in the running of operations.

This knowledge will be gained through a scoping stage prior to establishing and implementing the retainer agreement.

This service may also be offered for Technically Competent Manager obligations you may have under an environmental permit.