With a focus on environmental risks, Madexa ERS offer full Environmental Auditing and Compliance services covering Legal, Operational, Procedural and Systems / Gap Analysis

Auditing and Compliance Services courtesy of Madexa ERS - shows keyboard with ISO 14001 key
Environmental Auditing and Compliance with ISO 14001 requirements

One-off or ongoing Auditing and Compliance Services courtesy of Madexa ERS

Our Environmental Auditing / Compliance services are exactly what they sound like, with a keen focus on environmental risk. Our environmental auditing services can be provided as a standalone one-off solution (part of systems development) or as ongoing environmental management of your company. It is also a component part our Environmental Risk Assessment service and follows a similar overall environmental approach as follows:

  • LEGAL: To identify and advise where you stand in terms of environmental legal compliance.
  • OPERATIONAL: an audit of operations against established processes, procedures, industry standards, legal requirements, etc.
  • PROCEDURAL: to assess compliance with established procedures, identify deviations from procedures, and to assess if there are problems with procedures themselves.
  • SYSTEMS / GAP ANALYSIS: to review how your management system complies with standard requirements (e.g. ISO14001)
  • PROJECT REVIEW: to assess how a project has been delivered against corporate & regulatory requirements as well as industry standards and to understand reasons for the relative success / failure of a project.